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The significant announcement UEFA just made
The governing body of European football have made some key announcements regarding signings, international fixtures and the 2019/20 season

Swansea City ask to furlough majority of non-playing staff
It comes as the pressure on top flight sides has been ramped up, with day-to-day staff at football clubs facing uncertainty due to the Covid-19 outbreak

Swansea City AFC News in the past 240 minutes

Craig Bellamy's compelling story of Wales and special Cardiff City moment
If you want a great read to pass the hours in these troubled times, Bellamy's brilliant autobiography on ebook is one option. Here is a small sample of some of the meaty content

The most unexpected change, brutal calls and a raft of Trevor Birch gestures
We reviewed the biggest calls Trevor Birch has made during his reign as Swansea chairman so far

Cardiff and Swansea given big promotion boost due to Premier League rule
Some have called for the season to be voided, but this crucial ruling means the season will have to be played until it reaches its conclusion

Why voiding the Premier League and EFL seasons would cause chaos amid coronavirus pandemic
Everything around football is up in the air. The season has been suspended for weeks and it is unclear when - and if - it might return. As time goes on, there are more voices calling it to be called off.